Friday, August 24, 2007

The Grotto

The Grotto is an overgrown ruin. it's just one of those imaginary places that has always been in my mind. A friend of mine in college was a huge jazz fan and he listened to Jazzbo Collins on WNEW in New York City. Jazzbo broadcasted in the middle of the night from a place he called The Purple Grotto- an imaginary cave that he described in vivid detail. With a piano playing in the backround, he would paint a picture of his surroundings, saying "The top of the Grotto is very dark purple, almost black. And then it gets progressively light as it goes down the side, into various shades of purple, mauve, magenta, taupe, and all those. And then if you look over to the left side you will see a mushroom patch growing there of the Purpulus grottus variety"...and so on. It was great radio- the theater of the mind.

I guess that's why I associate The word grotto with that kind of imaginary world so I thought it a fitting title for this print.

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